About me

25 years experience working with teenagers and adults through education and counselling related services bringing about positive change, emotional regulation, independence and lifelong learning.

25 years experience

My words

I believe that everyone has the capacity to grow towards fulfilling their true potential, and that they are the experts on their own lives. Therefore, I work with people to help them understand themselves more fully and to find their own inner resources. With greater self-awareness and trust in one’s self, you will be able to make constructive changes, leading to a more satisfying and meaningful life.


  • Master Of Special Needs and Intervention Education – Griffith University
  • Bachelor Of Education – Social Sciences – University of Newcastle
  • Diploma of Counselling – Australian Institute Of Professional Counsellors
    Choice Theory
  • Reality Theory and Lead Management – William Glasser Institute
  • Career Counselling and Advisers Training Program- NSW Department of Education

Life is meant to be lived and lived to its full capacity. All life’s moments, the good, the bad and the ugly help define who we are and its these moments, when fully understood, enable us to become the true person we were destined to be.

Marina Wiggins 2021

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